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Tom Morgan-Jones is an award winning illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. His work is widely and internationally published, from Children's books and magazines to satirical boardgames.

Feel free to contact him to discuss illustration or commissions.

Illustration: The Night Before Brexit....
Illustration: Activity Pack Box illustration .
Illustration: Snuggling up and Sleeping Outside.
Illustration: A Goodbye and Goodluck Hug.
Illustration: WOT?.
Illustration: Hugh Dennis.
Illustration: Summer Camp.
Illustration: THE RED DREAD cover.

On the 04/02/2018, Tom Morgan-Jones stated that...
I've moved to Edinburgh, my fingers clearly aren't working properly as it still says I'm based in Cambridge up at the top of this page, but don't be fooled, I do now live in Scotland. honest. And as if to prove it, check out my Scottish Book Trust listing here if you want to hire me for visits or read a blurb about me, why wouldn't you want to do that? THE RED DREAD, my first picture book is coming out in a few weeks time. I've illustrated over 70 books for children and this is the first picture book I've written, so to say I'm excited is an understatement. The Bookseller have previewed it and said 'Brimming with visual humour and a lively pace, the dialogue-led text is perfect to read aloud'. The children's book NORMAN THE NORMAN FROM NORMANDY written by the magnificent Philip Ardagh with inkings by me is officially out, loose, and in all good book shops. We had a lot of fun with NORMAN THE NORMAN FROM NORMANDY. The publishers Barrington Stoke asked us both some questions and we answered the questions with some answers in this five questions blog. I've illustrated a collection of 'Mission:Explore' missions for National Geographic, you are more than welcome to download the National Geographic BioBlitz PDF here for free - Enjoy! And now something not for children...The satirical offering 'The Hen Commandments' is still available to order here Feel free to give the online egg randomizer a spin, to get a feel for what's in store. And may the Great Egg in the sky be upon you, or within you, or however you prefer your egg. I should tweet more, it wouldn't be difficult, if you fancy tweeting at me to get me going give it a go here:@TomMorganJones.