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New Internationalist T-Shirt

New Internationalist T-Shirt

Commissioned By: Paul Deighton


And here's what the good public will be able to buy in Aug 2008 from NI Oz. The NI readers voted and my inkings the made the top two. Bloody hell I feel like a Beatle or Elvis or Bowie or the cheeky girls or something. I've got my first number one, and I've got the number two slot simultaneously, eat that Boysaloudzone. What am I talking about, I've degenerated into a twisted changed fame ridden shell of a human already. Anyways...the fine people at NI transformed my little inkings and this is the final format. Chuffed to be working with such good people.

Here's a link for all lovely Australians to buy the t-shirts...

Here's what NI have to say: 'What good is a house if you haven't got a decent planet to put it on?' Prescient words of wisdom from the 19th century philosopher, natural historian and abolitionist Henry Thoreau that grow ever more relevant, interpreted by contemporary British satirist Tom Morgan-Jones.