- Freelance Illustration

Illustration: Real Donald Trump.
Illustration: The Night Before Brexit.
Illustration: MAYDAY MAYDAY....
Illustration: Theresa May....
Illustration: Don Farage.
Illustration: Hedgefund....
Illustration: Crunch - The game for utter bankers.
Illustration: Stock Market Slump....
Illustration: War on Terror - Edition 2.
Illustration: Greenpeace game - Part 1.
Illustration: MetaKettle.
Illustration: Promises, promises, promises....
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - screenshot 01.
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - screenshot 02.
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - screenshot 03.
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - screenshot 05.
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - The app!.
Illustration: Our Sonovabitch.
Illustration: Deepwater Desperation part 2.
Illustration: Free Print and Play Board Game....
Illustration: Prepare for the Revolution now....
Illustration: NO2ID.
Illustration: Crunch Logo.
Illustration: Bonus Time....
Illustration: Gordon Brown's treatment of Liberty....
Illustration: New Internationalist T-Shirt.
Illustration: The White House.
Illustration: WMD Card (according to reports).
Illustration: Terrorist Training & Video Appeal Cards.
Illustration: Oil Theft & Plane Hijack Cards.
Illustration: Suicide Bomber & Terrorist Recruitment Cards.
Illustration: Bomb the Pipeline & City Strike Cards.
Illustration: Dirty Bomb & Birthday Cards.
Illustration: Nuclear War & Bunker.
Illustration: Nuclear Disarmament & Clean Up Cards.
Illustration: GDP & Emergancy Cards.
Illustration: Weapons Inspector & Axis of Evil Cards.
Illustration: Regime Change & Terrorist Attack Cards.
Illustration: Terrorist Upsurge & War Cards.
Illustration: Leak Kyoto Cards.
Illustration: Inspector & Espionage Cards.
Illustration: Explorer & Free Development Cards.
Illustration: Terrorist Buy Off & Movement Cards.
Illustration: War on Terror The Application - screenshot 04.
Illustration: What WOT?.
Illustration: Imagine a world without violence against girls and women.
Illustration: Blair's World.
Illustration: Vote for Saddam.
Illustration: Oil Protection unit.
Illustration: G8 flyer.
Illustration: Control Yourself.
Illustration: House!.
Illustration: Cambridge Politics.
Illustration: A Special Relationship....
Illustration: The Butcher.
Illustration: Big Brother.
Illustration: R.I.P Democracy.
Illustration: Pants.
Illustration: Who Ya Gonna Get?.
Illustration: The Legacy Continues....
Illustration: AID.

Tom Morgan-Jones is an award winning illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. His work is widely and internationally published, from Children's books and magazines to satirical boardgames.

Feel free to contact him to discuss illustration or commissions.